Tell me a story
Whisper a tale in my ear
It can be one of happiness
Or it can be one of anger or fear

Speak to me of myths and legends
Of the fantastic or the mundane
I’ll hang on to your every word
Drive me around your memory lane

Spin me a story no matter how crazy
I promise not to laugh (too much)
The stories that I keep with me
Are the ones from last we got in touch

So weave your words and memories
For this I am certain to be true
Of all the heroes and heroines
The one I want to learn most about is you


Falling Rain

The rain falls
People scuttle for shelter
Submerged squeaky shoes shuffling
Traversing the ebbing floods
Hopscotch on the streets
Searching for dry spots to step on
Careful not to slip and slide
Squeezed under one umbrella

We go our seperate ways

Stuck with stranded strangers
On the station platform
Imagination soaring
Revisiting moments
Smiles sneak unto my lips
Looking stupid while standing
Soaked yet stoked
Reminiscing scenarios
Surprised at how the rain
Wasn’t the only thing that fell that day

A Promise

I won’t make a promise that I can’t keep
The brave know better than to boast and fail
I vow to make you smile before you sleep

When the world sends you crumpling in a heap
I can’t leave you alone in your travail
I won’t make a promise that I can’t keep

When days start to slow down to a creep
I’ll spin the dull day into a grand tale
I vow to make you smile before you sleep

Though words are often a little too cheap
And time can make all men turn pale
I won’t make a promise that I can’t keep

One day, if ever your bright eyes weep
However small or grand the problem’s scale
I vow to make you smile before you sleep

Though at times it’ll seem we’re in too deep
And all our plans, like trains derail
I won’t make a promise that I can’t keep
I vow to make you smile before you sleep


True magicians never reveal their secrets.
It is the mystery that keeps the audience hooked,
Trick upon trick, we are drawn deeper and deeper;
Pulled into the lullaby of illusion and belief.
For the mystery was meant to be the main attraction
And suspension of disbelief, the star of the show.
A brief moment of wonderment to be enjoyed as it is.
Yet there will always be that one person
Who chases after every puff of smoke
Who lingers on the stage after the curtain has fallen
On another disappearing act.

Dear Facebook User, A Set of Tankas

I check at first light
If you’re on the other side.
A grayed out link;
Not certain if I should feel
The awkward sighs of longing.

A broken routine;
Didn’t think it would matter.
Days ending slower;
Thoughts would often stray away;
It mattered more than I thought.

When it is awkward
To say that you miss someone,
Why silence the soul?
What rules for interaction
Govern muted emotion?

Perhaps it’s nothing;
No need to worry or fret.
And yet, I wonder
Am I able to reach you?
How high are the walls you’ve built?

Masks, smoke, and mirrors
A carnival of colors
Lost in a fun house
Out goes the indoor lighting
In darkness, I’m still searching

Low Pressure Area

Caught in the rain; drained brain fluids; thinking
‘Neath the flood, blood pumping, sinking.
Drenched cold, warm flushed blushed cheeks.
Drowned out, pitter-patter, a soft voice speaks
Bullfrog croaks. Chokes. Swallows pride.
No decision; stay or run; run and gun outside
Inside: no reward, no risk of fever.
Of stellar umbrellas never was a believer.
Crack of thunder. A blunder. Lightning flash.
Accident prone zone traversed in a dash.
A slide, glide, fall, roll, tumble
Winds howl, growl, scowl, laugh, rumble
Reassemble shattered glass; fell right on your ass.
Sloped road don’t bode well; mud on grass.
Inertia. Acceleration with watered down friction.
These thoughts of falling, they mess with my diction.
Stutter. Shiver. Chill. Trying to play it cool.
Kids in a pool. New rule. Trying to act a fool.
Soaked clothes. Wet roads. Lips are bleeding;
Hard bite. Silent night. Unsaid words repeating.
Rubbing hands together. Hands in prayer. Linger.
Burned by fever. I fear her. Strong but weaker.
Nearer yet further. It looks all downhill.
The damned dam moans, groans, ready to spill.
Waters swill. They say these rains can kill.
I know the drill yet the fire in me rages still.

A bad case of insomnia

Ako’y pumapalag ngunit ayoko pumiglas;
Galaw ng galaw ayaw naman kumalas.
Di makalisan; di naman nakakulong.
Nahihirapan ngunit ayaw sa tulong.
Malaya naman ngunit isang bilanggo.
Umiiling ang isip; puso’y tumatanggo.
Maliwanag na bukas pero nakatira sa kahapon.
Ginituang pagkakataon laging tinatapon.
Di makalayo kahit di nakakadena;
Nakakulong parin sa mga lumang eksena.
Kainuman lagi si kumpareng Alaala;
Tagay ng tagay tas sa huli tutumba.
Okay na ang lahat tapos maghahahanap;
Pipilitin talaga basta makasulyap.
Paano mo iiwan ang nakaraan
Kung bawat hakbang mo ay may binabalikan?
Oo nga at alam mo na lahat ng ito
Pero kung kumilos ka para litong-lito.
Simple lang naman kasi ang solusyon
Wag ka na lang diyan magambisyon.
Wala na. Tapos na. Itikom ang bibig
Dahil kahit ikaw sa iba na napaibig.
Sapat na yon para ang katapusan ay ihudyat;
Ngunit bakit di ko masara itong aklat?

Sige, comment pa!

Mga asong ulol na humahagulgol
Tila mo walang bukas kung makatahol
Pag nakarinig yan ng umuungol
Sasabay na naman doon sa kumakahol

Bukas ng bunganga bago ang isip
Madalas naman sa malakas kung sumipsip
Susunod-sunod lang kung saan ang ihip
Kung saan may gulo tiyak doon sisilip

Mga asong ulol na may micropono
Ang lakas kumanta ng wala sa tono
Basta may masabi ay mag-kokomento
Walang pakialam mabangga ang sino

Wala sa bokabularyo ang katahimikan
Sa asta parang lagi nasa himagsikan
Pero pagtinanong anong pinaglalaban
Ang asong ulol tiyak magliliban

**Swak kasi yung metaphor nila Migz at Pao P. sa asong ulol e **

The Wolves of Winterfell

*A Rains of Castamere extension*

So fierce and proud, the young wolf howled as he glanced to the west.
With fangs all bare, the pack did dare the lions to the test.
No fear of loss and no fear of death; they marched towards the Rock.
With every win in every field, they dared to push their luck.

And so they howled, and so they barked, those wolves of Winterfell.
With fur all red,  their doom they wed. they’re howling songs in hell.
Eyes full of dread. Regards we said. The wolves of winter fell.

The King in the North