About the author

“Sometimes it’s not what you write about but what you simply write.”


Joscar Malacaman graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Comparative Literature from the University of the Philippines Diliman where he also worked as a Research Assistant and English instructor. Currently, he’s is running Meeple Power Games with his business partners and is doing some freelance writing on the side.  He has been dabbling with poetry since his formative years and until now it serves as his prized leisure activity.  He enjoys writing the sonnet above all other forms of poetry but enjoys reading poetry in any form.

He is also an avid conversationalist and enjoys discussions about every facet of life. He also loves to debate and has a very competitive nature. He is also into football, basketball and ultimate among other sports.


Message from the author:

Poetry has always been my best way to communicate my emotions and thoughts. It has been a manner of expression that is more exact compared to everyday language.

This Poetry Blog was created with the desire to be able to share my works as well as archive them for future reference. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them. May our shared experiences become the bridge between time and space from you to me.

Feel free to leave your comments as I love reading them and they are critical in the improvement of my craft. What is literature if it’s not meant to be shared?


A Penny for your thoughts. Speak your mind.

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