Deny as I may to keep myself sane,
Echoes of desire whisper in my heart.
Indecision has always been my bane.

Reluctant to the hopes of a new start.
Dumbfounded, my mind finds small ways to stall;
Repressing the words unchained in my art.

Each escaping letter begins to call,
Rolling slowly into a symphony.
Entranced, I walk without fear of the fall.

Madness, my mind makes of this melody.
Insanity throbs in its every beat;
Delirious notes in sweet cacophony.

And yet, I’ve never been more sure of it;
Guilty pleasures of every day’s thoughts
Are arias of your voice on repeat.

Entwined with the mundane daily inkblots;
Tying up reality with fiction;
Overtly sprinkling routine with subplots.

Seldom do I stand with such conviction.
Causality be damned I run away
Out of the shadows of dereliction.

Nightly searching for the right words to say;
Drawn into you, silent as if in trance.
Every moment hoping that you will stay.

It may be stupid to hope for a chance
But it takes stupid to ask for a dance.


A Penny for your thoughts. Speak your mind.

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