Blanked Cards

Light bulbs flicker and then die.
Mundane routine tasks spread a sense
Of normalcy. Everything is normal, see?
Nevermind the jumbled letters on the
Newspaper literally littered on the ground.
Muddled dates with faces.
Amorphous. Amorous. Amorphae of wine.
Fiddly as time.
Moving without reason or rhyme.
Poorly cut and grainy
Disjointed wings unable to fly.
Trapdoor that wasn’t there before.
Disentegrating floor. Toeing the line.
Paralyzed. Neck stiff. Eyeballs dancing.
Breathless in the vacuum of your own room.
Glancing. Unmoving hands. Ticking.
Split second blindness of consciousness.
Days in minutes. Years in hours.
False memories mine not ours.
Trapped in these ivory towers bereft of powers
Gifted and cursed with the eyeless sight
Lost at sea with no Isles in sight.
This here is my Kryptonite
and I’m lying in my crypt tonight.


A Penny for your thoughts. Speak your mind.

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