When I was young, I was fearless;
I never hesitated,
never took pause.
I was as free as the wind
That carried the caution away.
I still have the scars.

I grew up and I was still fearless.
Pain and heartbreak were my companions.
My resolve never faltered;
Drifting on like a sinking ship
Trying to get to dry land.
Battered and broken,
Though the scars don’t show.

Eventually I learned to flinch;
I took one hit too many.
The stakes just kept on getting higher.
With every wager, I danced with fear.
I lose my words.
I stutter.

I am afraid.

Intimately knowing fear
As I fall deeper
Into your infinte being
I’ve never been more brave
I’ve never been more afraid


A Penny for your thoughts. Speak your mind.

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