Dear Facebook User, A Set of Tankas

I check at first light
If you’re on the other side.
A grayed out link;
Not certain if I should feel
The awkward sighs of longing.

A broken routine;
Didn’t think it would matter.
Days ending slower;
Thoughts would often stray away;
It mattered more than I thought.

When it is awkward
To say that you miss someone,
Why silence the soul?
What rules for interaction
Govern muted emotion?

Perhaps it’s nothing;
No need to worry or fret.
And yet, I wonder
Am I able to reach you?
How high are the walls you’ve built?

Masks, smoke, and mirrors
A carnival of colors
Lost in a fun house
Out goes the indoor lighting
In darkness, I’m still searching


A Penny for your thoughts. Speak your mind.

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