Low Pressure Area

Caught in the rain; drained brain fluids; thinking
‘Neath the flood, blood pumping, sinking.
Drenched cold, warm flushed blushed cheeks.
Drowned out, pitter-patter, a soft voice speaks
Bullfrog croaks. Chokes. Swallows pride.
No decision; stay or run; run and gun outside
Inside: no reward, no risk of fever.
Of stellar umbrellas never was a believer.
Crack of thunder. A blunder. Lightning flash.
Accident prone zone traversed in a dash.
A slide, glide, fall, roll, tumble
Winds howl, growl, scowl, laugh, rumble
Reassemble shattered glass; fell right on your ass.
Sloped road don’t bode well; mud on grass.
Inertia. Acceleration with watered down friction.
These thoughts of falling, they mess with my diction.
Stutter. Shiver. Chill. Trying to play it cool.
Kids in a pool. New rule. Trying to act a fool.
Soaked clothes. Wet roads. Lips are bleeding;
Hard bite. Silent night. Unsaid words repeating.
Rubbing hands together. Hands in prayer. Linger.
Burned by fever. I fear her. Strong but weaker.
Nearer yet further. It looks all downhill.
The damned dam moans, groans, ready to spill.
Waters swill. They say these rains can kill.
I know the drill yet the fire in me rages still.


A Penny for your thoughts. Speak your mind.

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