To my future self among others

On this eve of my 26th birthday, I look back at my life thus far.
In case one day you feel lost, let this be your guiding star.
For fate has weaved a pattern of intricate twists and turns
Of victories and harsh defeats, of smiles and tears that burn.

Where the fighting is the thickest, let them find you there
Don’t cower in the corners nor hide from danger’s stare.
For what you will regret the most are not the battles that you’ve lost,
Rather it is the wars that you refused to fight that’ll bear a heavier cost.

Yes, fear will be your nemesis until now it haunts me so.
It stems from deep inside of me and that is all I know.
It clings to every insecurity and breathes out great despair,
Keeping you from living life and blinds you from all that’s fair.

You are never powerless even though you’ll feel that way
When things begin to fall apart and your soul is led astray.
It is from your own mind where the pressure mostly stems.
Please learn to relax sometimes lest the pressure overwhelms.

Remember that you will forever be your own greatest critic.
Don’t let your failed expectations transform you to a cynic.
Leave some questions unanswered even for a just a day.
In an argument, keep in mind, you don’t need the final say.

There maybe dark times ahead, it’ll keep things interesting.
Promise me that you’ll fight to live rather than just existing.
I won’t say that everything will be fine because I’m not really sure.
Remember that life is not a disease to which you need a cure.
You started out a miracle and as a miracle you will endure.


A Penny for your thoughts. Speak your mind.

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