I’ll be the moon

I’ll be the moon;
The smiling silver crescent shining in the starlit sky.
A magician whose ancient crafts create
The constant ebb of the tides;
Master to the flux and flow of the sea and the soul.

I’ll be the moon;
The beacon of human passion that ignites the senses.
A mad man who weaves an exquisite tapestry
Of truths and insanity;
A protean deity constantly altering the self and reality.

I’ll be the moon;
A soft faint reflection of the all-mighty Phoebus.
The torch bearer in the cold and dreary night
Driving back the darkness with my gentle light;
The harbinger of hope to the hopeless and the heartbroken.

When you dare not stare at the radiance of the sun;
When you find yourself alone in the deep void of the night;
Know that I am always out there, watching ever true.
I’ll be the moon when no one else would shine on you.


19 thoughts on “I’ll be the moon

  1. I’ve always thought the moon as a symbol of romanticism. Loved this line: ”I’ll be the moon when no one else would shine on you” 🙂

  2. please let me know your entry number at poets rally linkz section, thanks a lot.

    welcome sharing your work with poetry potluck today.
    appreciate your input.

  3. Awesome! This excellent poem is exactly the kind of poetry I love to read. Incredibly creative and well done. Very impressive …

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