A Sonnet for the Graduates

The race has been very long and tedious;
A tough and winding track lies behind you.
Now, you’re in a position that’s envious
Because you have run a race that is true.

Most of you have fallen along the way
Yet here you stand triumphant nonetheless.
You never gave defeat the final say.
Your names are now written among the best.

For every stumble, slip and slide, say “Cheers!”
For faltering fearful feelings as well.
These make your glory shine throughout the years
And give life to the stories that you’ll tell.

    As you reach the finish line, keep running
    For down the road, life is just beginning

Perfect Poet Award Week 41

The Perfect Poet Award Week 41

I humbly accept the award with a tribute to the graduating class of 2011.
I’d like to nominate TC for the next award.


2 thoughts on “A Sonnet for the Graduates

  1. Silvertongue,
    WOW! i’ve only seen this now, and I’m stunned. Congratulations on your award, and thank you SO MUCH for the nomination! I’m really greatful because I really admire your work. This peice in particular because I’ll be graduating at the end of the year (hopefully! haha)
    thank you and congrats once again!

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