As you quest
For the right numbers
To fill in the right formulas
From which your answers are wrought,

So do I journey
For the right letters
To form the right words
From which this poem is crafted.

As you feel
A sense of nervousness
Or maybe even a tiny tinge of fear
While you struggle to find the right answers.

So do I feel
The shakiness of my nerves
And the cold touch of Phobos
While I struggle to give shape to my thoughts.

As you are lonely
Inside that crowded room;
Isolated by a deafening silence;
Engaged and encaged only in your thoughts,

So am I lonely
Inside this crowded room;
Where noise is drowned by the silence
Brought about the inescapable thoughts of you.

Though I long
To see your face again;
To hear your angelic voice
And whisper my heart out to your ear,

I am paralyzed in fear
That there won’t be any smiles
Nor would there be words leaving our lips
And we would stand there like complete strangers;






A few steps would seem worlds apart


5 thoughts on “Duality

  1. ganda tula mo jocs. naalala ko tuloy english 11 ko kasi may pinabasa na tula na parang gnito itsura. eto na favorite ko na nasulat mo. hehehehe.

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