Call to arms!

The battle is long
The casualties are many
Yet, stand together!

Stand shield upon shield!
Our Phalanx will never break;
Protect each other.

The fight is hardest
When try to fight alone;
Trust one another.

Victory is near
If we stand by our comrades;
Give strength to the weak.

*The battle against cancer is something that is very dear to me (being a cancer survivor) and I’ve added a new Social Vibe widget (top of the right sidebar) to reflect this. I ask that if you enjoyed reading my poems to spend a few minutes of your time to do the sponsored activity and pitch-in the quest to defeat this inhuman condition. Thanks in advance.


5 thoughts on “Call to arms!

  1. Congratulations on your victory but the concept could be transfered to so much in life…

    I found you site hard to get to… the link from your comment did not work I had to go via your picture… Spider..!

  2. Great writing! At first I thought it about the Army but I also see the fight against cancer. I am so glad that you defeated Cancer and you are right, we need to fight together on this so that the disease can be irradicated.

  3. lovely sentiments shown, the fight for love, peace, embrace, disease never end, as long as we stay united, we can win…

    come join poetry potluck today, your are missed if you don’t.

    Happy Monday,
    Bless your talent.


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