It began with a moment of magical inspiration

It began with a moment of magical inspiration
As inaudible music started to flood into my soul.
My feet danced to its silent melody across the kitchen floor.
I laid out everything on the table; Everything that I would need;
Never bothered to stop and think about what I was doing.
Lessons from the heart wrote a poem for the senses and
Out came the knives that would craft its words into realization.
Vapors of savory flavors filled the house as the butter met the garlic;
Every single second was an eternity as I pondered on and on about
What my next move was going to be and the browning continued
Inside the pan while the inspiration swelled inside of me. I decided
Then that it was time to send the onions into the fray and a splash of
House wine mellowed things before a few fillets of fish swam into the pan.
Your memory mixed with the dish as it slowly simmers into maturity.
Out came the knives again and with loving precision sliced and chopped
Unerringly the yellow, greens and oranges that would grant color to this
Moment painted for every sensibility on a stainless steel canvas.
Each sizzle whispered your name and as the smoke
Rose into the air it formed a portrait of your beautiful face
Smiling at me. My heart began to race and I felt a tinge of
Excitement slowly building up inside of me as I reached for the
Little things that give the most flavor to life and
Love; Herbs and spices carefully measured as not to overpower
Each other but instead create layers of wonderful flavor
Mirroring the layers of emotions that I emphatically transfered
On to this dish. I poured in fresh cream along with my heart and
Noted how it bound everything together while adding that all-important
Texture; The rich and exquisite form that anticipates and complements the
Embrace of passion as it waltzes from your taste buds to your heart.
Sadly, I don’t think you’ll be eating here tonight and still I wait.


37 thoughts on “It began with a moment of magical inspiration

  1. “Unerringly the yellow, greens and oranges that would grant color to this
    Moment painted for every sensibility on a stainless steel canvas.”

    i can seriously die for such the imageries

  2. Ah ! why the last line …
    It broke my heart ..
    I love cooking and more so making others eat what i prepare .. to not have the loved ones taste your dish .. oh thats so so sad !

  3. ohh what a beautiful write… the vivid imagery, the emotions attached with each action… absolutely beautiful
    //I don’t think you’ll be eating here tonight and still I wait// thats so heart breaking.
    Brilliant write

    Thursday Rally

  4. Wow! A perfect recipe of love romanticized! I am convinced you must be a master chef in the real sense and a connoisseur of love!

    Perfect blending and the recipe came out well, never a disaster! When can it be a disaster? When too much flavor of love is added, it spoils the whole thing…

    Thank goodness, I could cook a li’l better than the others and my recipe came out well and were dished out properly!

    Whewww…I got so much of the talking, a result of your beautiful poem here!

    Perfectly cooked poem! Admirable!

  5. What a “delicious” piece of poetry!! Your words are like colors blending in to make a beautiful picture.
    The last line was sad but it adds to the beauty of the poem πŸ™‚

  6. the connection between love and food is good, but as the last line proves not good enough 😦

    I love this poem.. good job!

  7. I enjoyed this piece for several reasons…you express the pure beauty of being a poet by showing how any act, even one of cooking a meal, is poetic. Marrying that with this absence of a love…just beautiful! ~ Rose

  8. What a flavorful, sizzling piece–you did a beautiful job of mixing a dash of erotic in with the staples of a meal and garnishing it with a dollop of loneliness. Thanks so much for sharing this one! And I’m so glad you enjoyed reading and listening to my rally entry. I agree with you that a poetic experience isn’t complete until the words have been spoken and heard. I’m so fortunate to have a local place to share work regularly and that technology makes it possible for me to reach an even wider audience!

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