A letter to women

For every single tear that we have made you shed;
For denying you the right to be strong instead;
For acting like we’re better when clearly we’re not;
For all those important dates that we simply forgot;
For pretending that your emotions make you weak;
For not listening and interrupting while you speak;
For keeping you home when you long to spread your wings;
Words of apology my heart sincerely sings.

For times we put you down to mask our insecurities;
For downplaying your role in life’s necessities;
For acting like we own this world and you as well;
For objectifying you through the jokes we tell;
For all the years of silence that we put you through;
For getting into fights trying to impress you;
Mother, sister, daughter, colleague, friend and partner
Allow us to make things right and cherish you forever.


8 thoughts on “A letter to women

  1. Hi! This is a beautiful piece. As a woman, I would like to thank you for recognizing our role and seeing our worth. I wish there would be more people like you, so women around the world no longer have to suffer. πŸ™‚

    Again, thank you. πŸ™‚

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