Some may say that it tastes almost the same
As the rich brew which I have grown to love;
Just the same beans under another name
Grown underneath the same sun up above.

Some may say that it’s actually better
Since it won’t keep you up all night long.
In a strange subtlety do they differ
Like a different key of the same song.

It’s just brilliant mimicry in action;
It tries to deliver the sensation
Promised by the dark bitter concoction
That sends souls to an air of elation.

So, put on the pot and turn on the lights
Just give me my love and the sleepless nights.


7 thoughts on “Decaf

    • Coffee is a metaphor for love… the bitter kind of love that gives you sleepless nights.

      Decaf is the alternative but it’s not the same thing.


  1. Good one! I agree completely. (you might get a kick out of this, my Grandpa used to say ‘there is no such thing as strong coffee, only weak men,’) 🙂

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