Hold ‘Em

Short rapid breaths. A sense of nervousness.
My palms become cold and sweaty.
Yet, I look at my adversaries without fear.
I flash a false smile  as I peek at the cards in front of me.
A sigh escapes and I regain some hope.
I checked again to see if I may have missed anything.
Something in head tells me that there will be others;
There will be better hands to speculate on.
And some might say, it’s best for me to wait around for the next hand.
It might be an easy fold for others but not for me;
Deep inside, I knew that I just had to try.
I knew that this is the hand that will determine the rest of the game.
Chips start to pile up in the middle of the table.
I push to show how serious as I am.
Some fold and yet others test my resolve by raising the stakes even higher.
What they do not understand is that no amount can ever equal my desire to win this hand.
I call and await the flop.
My heart skips a beat as the board seemingly favors my hand.
I decide to raise again to warn the table that I am not going to back down.
They look me straight in the eye; peering into my soul.
Looking for reasons to call. Some of them fold.
One by one, I saw cards flying back into the deck.
The excitement, however, is short-lived as some decide to push me even further.
Knowing that I’m not going anywhere away from the hand,
I reach for my last remaining chips and threw them into the pot.
The hands are revealed and my knees turn to jelly to see that my opponents are ahead.
Everyone remains silent as if praying for my eventual elimination.
The turn arrives.
The smiles on their faces says it all:
“Your hubris is your downfall”
Under my breath I whisper: “It is not hubris when you love”
I don’t regret putting my life on the line on this hand.
Twice I knock on the table beckoning the dealer to deal the final card.
A tear falls even before the final card hits the table.
The room becomes still.
I close my eyes never believing in fate and yet,
Admitting that it’s only fate that can save me now.
I hear the card hit the felt and the entire room explodes.
I dare not open my eyes for
While they are shut, I can dare to hope.


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