For my Advisers

I used to go where the wind would take me;
A ship that’s drifting aimlessly at sea.
Dancing with the waves; leisurely moving.
Vagabond life has become so soothing.

Running through the woods without direction.
Never taking heed of all objections.
With ears only for necessity’s call,
Never realized my world was too small.

Paths and courses never had appeal
Until I have learned to focus my zeal.
You have carefully helped me aim my flight
With the precision of an archer’s sight.

Although from time to time I would still stray,
You taught me how to map out life each day.

* Dr. Ruth Pison has been my adviser ever since I entered the department. She’s been instrumental to my stay in Comparative Literature and is one of my main influence in taking up the course.

* Dr. Preachy Legasto was my thesis adviser who patiently stood by me as I took my time in the writing of my culminating work for my undergraduate course.

It may not be much but this poem is my way of saying thanks from the bottom of my heart.


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