(For the greatest women in our lives)

You are the one I run to whenever fears take hold.
You make me feel safe and sound; you make me brave and bold.
You are the saving angel in the stories I’ve told;
You whisk me far from despair; my coat in bitter cold.

You are the shining beacon that would never let me stray;
You light the path that’s good and true every single day.
You drive away the darkness and the whispers they say;
You are my blessed shield as I jump into the fray.

You share my every victory and my every pain.
You join me in my smiles and tears through the sun and rain.
You are my greatest treasure, a musical refrain.
You taught me life’s lessons; it’s values in me ingrain.

I realize that in this world few things remain true
But nothing can ever shake a mother’s love for you.


A Penny for your thoughts. Speak your mind.

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