On a Sunday Morning, I forget to breathe

I pick myself up from a fall.

I forget to breathe sometimes.

My heart is racing, somehow I know that this time it would be different.

Everything else seems to move slowly and I forget to breathe.

Complete silence.

From the corner of my eye, I see movement forward, blurs.

Faces are waiting eagerly; waiting for that moment of triumph or tragedy.

For a moment my past mistakes call to me and I hesitate.

I breathe them out as I breathe the moment in again.

The air smells fresher here, this would be different.

I take a few steps back to look at things from a wider perspective.

I felt fear realizing how far away I am from my goal.

A part of me tells me that there is only heartbreak in trying.

Another part tells me otherwise.

I breathe out my fear as I breathe in the expectation.

I forget to breathe sometimes.

The sound comes flooding in.

I am not alone.

There are those who have decided to stand against me

There are those who are waiting to pounce on my arrogance.

There are those who are cheering me on the side lines.

There are those running with me but I was standing still.

I breathe out my acknowledgments as I breathe in their company.

I forget to breathe sometimes.

I am not alone but I am lonely.

At that spot, no other person can keep me company.

My fears return as I recollect past memories.

I hesitate.

I am too far away.

And yet just the mere sight of you gave me enough reason to breathe all of these out again.

The imagined adulation of success is intoxicating.

I breathe in the intoxication.

I forget to breathe sometimes.

One step.

Two steps.

My pace quickens as I draw closer.

At the point of no return, I breathe out all my passions.

The movement stops.


I breathe in the silence.

I forget to breathe sometimes.

I breathe out.

The sound comes flooding back in.

The is music in the air.


I breathe in the ecstasy.

I run without direction, blinded by this moment were everything feels right.

I stop and raise my hands.

I breathe out my thanks.

But I forget to breathe sometimes.


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