I have a fascination with hearing/reading my eulogies before I’m in my final resting place. I mean, it’s for me, right? I want to be able to experience them.

Write your eulogies in the comment box.


8 thoughts on “Eulogies

  1. Jocs salamat at napasaya mo kami. hahaha

    Jocs salamat ulit at naisip na tanungin kung ano ang story namen. Ikaw lang ang nakagawa nun.

    haha sorry wala akong maisip

    – From Edgar.

  2. maraming salamat sa lahat lahat ng bagay na ibinigay at itinuro mo sa akin.d kita makakalimutan! hahaha

    – From Alex

  3. Now I know your happy and at peace. Thanks for teaching me to be more selfish 🙂 Though there are only a handful of people who truly understand you, I’m glad that I’m one of those few 😉 – Jules

  4. I’ve already watched you die voluntarily a few times before. I guess what’s different now is that you no longer have the option of experiencing the death, because…well, you’re dead.

    But cheers to dying, Jocs. I know you’ll make the best out of this one as much as you did others.

    Make songs of your coffin and poems of the wake, where we’ll play 1-2-3-pass and you’ll make something beautiful of it wherever you are.

    Live death to the fullest. 🙂

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