Forever there.

On that damned night, when I lost all sense of reason and reached
For an old pair of scissors lying beside the tear infused keyboard,
I did exactly what I’ve fought against time and time again in the past.
An email, all it took was an email to send me to the pits of despair and

In an act of desperation to not forget, I marked myself. The scissors
Dropped almost immediately after the deed was done. It felt good to be
Able to reconcile how you feel inside with how you’re feeling outside.
Harmony in Chaos. Unity in Entropy. The beautiful paradox that is life.

If I could take it back, I would but the mark will not be erased that
easily. The wounds have healed and the scars have faded but it is still
There. To be rejected is one thing but to be erased as if an error in the
Journal of life is completely different and that is how it felt. A figment

Of imagination blown away into the winds of change. Be it such great
A crime to yearn to exist? To desire a small token that these dastardly
Winds dare not whisk away. For though time heals the wounds, they are still
Forever there.


A Penny for your thoughts. Speak your mind.

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