“Another’s she will be another’s, like my kisses before”
-Paolo Neruda

Tonight I can write the saddest lines but no words
Can capture this emotional overflow inside of me.
Once a single minuscule crack, now see how the dam
Has been sundered and the water roars down the gully

Crashing into rocks and trees. The destruction is devastating.
And the river cries out  in a language unrecognizable
To the human ear. No words. Just pain. Nothing else
But a cry of pain echoing into every crevice. Magnified

A thousand times over and still it will not encapsulate
What my heart is screaming inaudibly. A solitary tear
Drops from the walls of the dam; A single drop of water
Moves on to the raging deluge down  below. The flood

Stands deathly still and there is hope for a respite. A shudder
Then a crash then the dam bursts open once more and the once
Sweet waters are mixed with the dirt and sand churned together
Into a salty and bitter cocktail of despair that is downed in a single

Gulp and yet the cup stays full no matter how many times one drinks
From it.  The waters seem to have no end; at least no end in sight.
It feels as if the floods won’t stop lest this world drowns
And thus the end it is.


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