Just another episode.

Ce n’est pas pour ceux qui a oublié mais plutôt pour ceux qui se rappellent.

Just another episode.
As if it was just another episode of your favorite sitcom.
Playing over and over again in your head.
On loop. On repeat. On shuffle.
The good and the bad.
Churning and churning.
Scene upon scene;
Whisper upon whisper;
Touch upon touch;
Scent upon scent;
Taste upon taste;
Sensation upon sensation.
Bombarding your being with specters and poltergeists
drawn from yesterday or a month ago or maybe even five.
We like to watch the scenes which make us smile the most.
We also like to watch the scenes which make us cry the most.
And we remember the script.
Word for word.
Action for action.
Setting for setting.
Everything. Verbatim.
And we laugh then we cry.
Then we hit the rewind and watch it all over again
In our heads.
Reliving every moment though we are not the same people
That we see on our TV screens.
But we know that they are part of who we are.
They are part of our lives.
And we wait anxiously for the next episode.
But while we wait
We hit the rewind button
And watch again and again.


A Penny for your thoughts. Speak your mind.

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