The Sea

She never seems to stay still, the sea.
Constantly changing as the tide ebbs and flows
Back and forth from the shore to the great beyond.
She brings with her new treasures but also steals away
Some of your own. Slave to the will of the wind she dances
With both ferocity and grace; With both power and gentleness
She caresses the shoreline and those that patiently wait her arrival.
Such is the ever-shifting nature of the sea, the protean goddess,
To be forever in that state of flux and therein lies her beauty.
In her ever-changing self she is paradoxically the same sea.
She remains that same sea which I grew to love
And still love even up to this day and hour.
Every single time, I come to her I know not what
She’ll do. Will she push me away, back to the shore?
Will she take me to places I’ve only been to in my dreams?
Will she at last take me as her own, to have and to keep in her depths?
I dare not wait on the edge of the shoreline to find out her plans.
To her arms, I shall come running; embracing the uncertainty.
Forever falling in and out of love with the same sea.
The same and yet ever-changing sea.


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