A number of different faces are lost
In a myriad of voices. Muttering
Undiscernable words as everyone
Anxiously waits. Eyes are focused
On screens of different sizes but
Minds are captivated by the
Thought of coming home;
The embrace of familiarity.

As people are set to return to
Their own daily realities, at least
One stops and thinks of how good
It must be to instead remain dreaming
In paradise but then shudders at the
Thought of paradise without you.

And the dream loses its luster
Much like the way reality lost
Its own. Twice booked to fly away
From paradise. Twice booked to
return to the reality that you
Are no longer there to meet me
As I come home. Twice booked.

Delaying the necessity of boarding.
Every  moment praying for the flight
To be delayed until the time you burst
Through these pre-departure doors
Exclaiming that I need not leave no more.
I need not leave paradise no more.


4 thoughts on “Pre-departure

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