Blanked Cards

Light bulbs flicker and then die.
Mundane routine tasks spread a sense
Of normalcy. Everything is normal, see?
Nevermind the jumbled letters on the
Newspaper literally littered on the ground.
Muddled dates with faces.
Amorphous. Amorous. Amorphae of wine.
Fiddly as time.
Moving without reason or rhyme.
Poorly cut and grainy
Disjointed wings unable to fly.
Trapdoor that wasn’t there before.
Disentegrating floor. Toeing the line.
Paralyzed. Neck stiff. Eyeballs dancing.
Breathless in the vacuum of your own room.
Glancing. Unmoving hands. Ticking.
Split second blindness of consciousness.
Days in minutes. Years in hours.
False memories mine not ours.
Trapped in these ivory towers bereft of powers
Gifted and cursed with the eyeless sight
Lost at sea with no Isles in sight.
This here is my Kryptonite
and I’m lying in my crypt tonight.


I promised a poem and so I’ll deliver
But first let me tell you about this fever
I have brewing inside of my soul
That burning sensation keeping me from my goal
Sleepless nights while high on caffeine
The voice in my head harassing my brain
Yammering that I have something to say
Too much, in fact, and the words did play
Yet it was silence that accompanied me all week long
My mind wants to protest; my heart sing a song
Socrates and Shakespeare swing swords to a stalemate
Sparks flying on a powder keg of unsaid words tempting fate
So I lie down tongue-tied with the pen on my bedside
Furrowed eyebrows seal the building frustration inside.
The explosion deafening in its silence, they disappear in a blip
I got nothing in my head. Nothing in my heart. Nada. Zilch. Zip


The Incoherent Ravings of a Madman

Find the limit of x as x approaches infinity from the right
Where x is the number of thoughts in my head at night.
As I toss and turn through a tempest in a teapot,
Slipping and sliding in a stretched out slipknot,
With wisdom waxing and waning while wandering in wonderment,
Rebellious thoughts cry out: “Down with your government!”
We have now taken over and we’ve exiled your false sanity,
You are now to be caught up with every single triviality
And lose all your ability to tell with any bit of certainty
Imagination from reality; fiction from fact.
You are not meant to leave with your mind intact.
Conspiracy theorists will weave patterns in your head.
Intricate and terrifying they fill you with blissful dread.
Or is it dreadful bliss, you can’t help but worry that something’s amiss.
My messed up mind meanders mulling muddy memories;
Reminiscing the nights before in everything it sees.

Find the limit of x as x approaches infinity from the left
Where x is the number of moments in a day bereft
Of thoughts of you; those bleak milliseconds that serve to contrast
Imagined days of future past from moments shared at long last.
The die is cast and time starts to move too fast.
Einstein’s Relativity. Theory of Reflexivity.
Hyperspeed activity that we just want pause
And just give the universe one round of applause.
I couldn’t have written it better but maybe I did.
Déjà vu in my head. God forbid.
9.8 meters per second squared, it’s the gravitational constant
I shouldn’t be scared yet with every word you utter I seem to fall in an instant.
None of this makes sense as I ramble like a madman.
You put me to a sweeter sleep better than the sandman.
There you go again, making your presence known.
I’ve embroidered your image in every tapestry I’ve sewn.
Unconsciously moving to the sound of your voice and the sway of your hips;
To the rhythm of the keystrokes I mouth with my lips.

Find the limit of I as I approaches U
Using that little information without any further clue
No equations nor solutions nor formulas derived;
My brain start to black out as if oxygen deprived.
The train of thought tenaciously travels the temporal terrain
Internalize the incident and interrogate the insane
In the same vein, many before writhe in pain or lay slain
Chasing after a figment of imagination in vain. Memory’s stain.
And the simplest solution would be to drop it altogether.
Leave the questions unanswered; float away like a feather.
Maybe it’s best to leave things undefined for the sake of my mind
And there are just some things one simply can’t find.
It’s best not to defy logic, experience will tell you it’ll be tragic
and that magic is the exception not the rule and it’s safer not to act a fool.
But try as I may there is no way I can resist;
It seems that with you the limit simply does not exist.

Free Kick

Space. All you see is the space closing in on you.
You weave in and out almost on pure instinct.
The chalk flies as you move through the touch line.
You feel a thousand eyes burning holes through you.
The anticipation in their collective sighs resound with every
Missed tackle
As you bound towards goal,
The weight of expectation bear down on your shoulders;
You feel the hot breath of pressure down your nape.

You see it.
An opening, an opportunity, the last one in the match.
It’s not as clear cut as you’d like but you’ve run this scenario
In your head a thousand times before.
You grit your teeth and tighten your shoulders;
The muscles in your body coil like a viper
Poised to strike at any given moment.


You crash to the ground; pain shooting up your brain.
Your legs taken out from under you; the moment stolen.

The whistle sounds and you get up gingerly.
You can’t let the pain blind you.
You breathe the moment in as you stand over the ball;
The conqueror indignant to the threads of fate.
You make your move, eyes locked on target.

The ball hits the net as you skid across the turf
Arms outstretched and your thunderous cry echoes
On the empty bleachers, the empty dugouts, the empty goal.


When I was young, I was fearless;
I never hesitated,
never took pause.
I was as free as the wind
That carried the caution away.
I still have the scars.

I grew up and I was still fearless.
Pain and heartbreak were my companions.
My resolve never faltered;
Drifting on like a sinking ship
Trying to get to dry land.
Battered and broken,
Though the scars don’t show.

Eventually I learned to flinch;
I took one hit too many.
The stakes just kept on getting higher.
With every wager, I danced with fear.
I lose my words.
I stutter.

I am afraid.

Intimately knowing fear
As I fall deeper
Into your infinte being
I’ve never been more brave
I’ve never been more afraid

A Leap of Faith

And I would walk the road to oblivion
If along the way it would lead me closer to you.
I would chase down every red herring;
Walk in circles for miles on end.
For every single moment we’ve had
Was a leap of faith.
Nevermind the broken things along the way


Tell me a story
Whisper a tale in my ear
It can be one of happiness
Or it can be one of anger or fear

Speak to me of myths and legends
Of the fantastic or the mundane
I’ll hang on to your every word
Drive me around your memory lane

Spin me a story no matter how crazy
I promise not to laugh (too much)
The stories that I keep with me
Are the ones from last we got in touch

So weave your words and memories
For this I am certain to be true
Of all the heroes and heroines
The one I want to learn most about is you

Falling Rain

The rain falls
People scuttle for shelter
Submerged squeaky shoes shuffling
Traversing the ebbing floods
Hopscotch on the streets
Searching for dry spots to step on
Careful not to slip and slide
Squeezed under one umbrella

We go our seperate ways

Stuck with stranded strangers
On the station platform
Imagination soaring
Revisiting moments
Smiles sneak unto my lips
Looking stupid while standing
Soaked yet stoked
Reminiscing scenarios
Surprised at how the rain
Wasn’t the only thing that fell that day